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This is a medical aesthetic procedure that uses a bipolar RF powered device with a vacuum assisting handpiece to assist with the breaking down of fat cells and tightening of the skin. The RF handpiece creates a vacuum suction of the skin, targeting deeper subcutaneous tissue. By maintaining a temperature of over 40°C in those deeper layers, the outer membranes of the fat cells become porous, making it easy for the pulsing, ultra-rapid, high voltage energy to penetrate and obliterate the fat cells. This treatment targets and permanently destroy/kill excess fat cells, still leaving the skin with an adequate amount for healthy bodily functions. Treatment can be done anywhere on the body where “debulking” of excess fat is required. An in-depth consultation is done prior to treatment to identify targeted treatment zones and to formulate a personalised treatment plan. A course of treatments would be required for optimal results and should be performed once weekly.

Per Zone                        R 500.00

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