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Basic Touch is an Aesthetic clinic located in Parklands, Cape Town.

We offer specialised treatments in:

  • SKINCARE – Advanced machine technology for treatment of: Facial Veins, Hyper- and Hypo-Pigmentation, Melasma, Acne, Scarring, Skin Rejuvenation, Photo-Aging and Facial Contouring. Body: Scarring, Stretchmarks, Skin Lesions, Vascular Lesions, Pigmentation and Skin Tightening.

  • MEDICAL SKINCARE – Tread Lifting, Intravenous Vitamin Infusions (IV Drips), Mesotherapy, Vampire Facelift, Vampire Facial, Vampire Breast Lift, Cosmetic Injectables (BOTOX®) and Dermal Fillers.

  • THERMOCOAGULATION - Treatment or removal of unwanted skin imperfections or anomalies. The process will improve the skin’s appearance by reducing or eliminating those unwanted imperfections, such as visible Facial Veins or Capillaries, Skin Tags, Angiomas, Milia, Keratosis, Angiokeratomas, Open Pores, Sebaceous Hyperplasia or unwanted piercings.

  • HAIR REMOVAL – Medical Grade Laser for Hair Removal and Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal for those fine blond, red and grey hairs.

  • HAIR LOSS – Medical Mesotherapy and Micro-Needling to nourish hair fibers from the root and encourage healthy, strong hair growth.

  • SLIMMING AND CELLULITE – Advanced Medical Machine Technology for Fat Reduction, Cellulite, Skin Tightening, Body Contouring, Muscle Tone and Discomfort of Muscle and Joints.

  • MEDICAL SLIMMING, WEIGHT LOSS AND CELLULITE – IV Drips, Lipolytic Injectables, Diet and Nutrition.

  • EYE REJUVENATION – Advanced Machine Technology, Micro-Needling, Medical Mesotherapy, Cosmetic Injectables and Tread Lifting. Perfect combination for Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles, Droopy Eyelids, Crow’s Feet and removal of Skin Tags.


As a team our goal is to see visible transformation and to share our knowledge with our clients to provide educational information on the importance of the skin and its role and function as the biggest organ of the human body, and how internal and external factors can directly and/or indirectly effect the skin, its functions and physical appearance. 

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Dr C De Wit

Dr Wikus Pretorius

Dr W Pretorius

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Theresa Sandker

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Jayde Yates

Natural Beauty


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