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Since 1875, electrolysis has been and remains the only 100% permanent hair removal method recognized by government regulatory agencies. Indeed, electrolysis permanently destroys germ cells responsible for hair growth by way of insertion of a fine probe in the hair follicle and the application of a current adjusted to each hair type and treatment area.


Each follicle is being treated using flash thermolysis, (ultra-rapid 27012 MHz frequency) which can be felt through a short, sharp sensation. Some areas will be more sensitive than others. The treatment of each follicle is much faster with thermolysis than with galvanic electrolysis. The whole follicle/structure coagulates onto the hair and then get removed.

30 Minute Session

45 Minute Session

60 Minute Session

90 Minute Session

120 Minute Session

R 500

R 800

R 1000

R 1500

R 2000



Laser Hair Removal

  • 100% Permanent Hair Removal

  • Treats ALL hair colours (light, blond, red and grey)

  • Treats every follicle individually 

  • Treats hair in all growth cycles

  • Time-consuming

  • Can treat over tattoos

  • Hair must be visible for treatment

  • Permanent Hair Reduction

  • Relies on pigment to be effective

  • Treats multiple follicles in one pulse

  • Can only treat hair in its Anagen growth phase

  • Fast

  • Cannot treat over tattoos

  • Hair must be shaved prior to treatment

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