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Depilève only uses the best ingredients when designing its wax, paraffin, creams and treatments. One of the distinctive features of our wax is the meticulous process of selecting resins, chosen for their fantastic grip, colour and stability. Our precise quality control safeguards the formula of our products so that outstanding results are repeated time and time again with each waxing treatment.

Brow Wax (add on ONLY)

Middle Brow Wax (add on ONLY)

Lip OR Chin Wax (add on ONLY)

Ear OR Nose Wax (add on ONLY)

Full Face Wax (excl. Eyebrows)

Underarm Wax

Arm Wax

Fingers OR Toes (add on ONLY)

Chest Wax

Stomach Wax

Tummy Line

Back Wax

Bikini Wax

Brazilian Wax

Full Bikini Wax

Buttocks (Cheeks)

Half Leg Wax

Full Leg Wax

R 95

R 50

R 95

R 75

R 300

R 150

R 215

R 75

R 220

R 220

R 150

R 300

R 195

R 250

R 325

R 195

R 235

R 360

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